From idea to execution

The first step to your outdoor kitchen is to consider its shape, size, location and the equipment you would like to have installed.

When have roughly defined all of the above, you can send us your request by mail or visit us personally. The first consultation usually takes place in our gallery, where you can see all the different types of materials and the exhibited models of kitchens for better understanding of the quality and possibilities.

Outdoor kitchen design

Following the conversation, we prepare an offering and also a design, if you place an order. When the design is defined, our team comes to your location to check its accessibility and take the measures. This is followed by the final design preparation and the production of your summer kitchen.

In our work, we often encounter situations when customers do not consider the weight of the elements when planning a concrete summer kitchen. We make, treat and assemble the elements in our workshop; they are filled with cement and installed using a mobile crane. So unhindered access needs to be provided and possible obstacles considered (like stairs, slopes, canopies, etc.)

If you are planning to rearrange the whole terrace or garden, it is important to prepare a timetable of works. We recommend you plan the kitchen construction first, so the location can be accessed by a truck and a mobile crane. Only then move on to pergolas, canopies, planting, etc.

Considering that the summer kitchen is a concrete element that you will not be able to move by yourself once it is installed, it is important to choose its right location, i.e. to position the kitchen to the exterior reasonably.

Here are some tips:

  • The kitchen should be near your house. When preparing food, the ingredients and tools are repeatedly carried from and back to the house. If the kitchen is conveniently positioned, you will use it more often, perhaps even in the wintertime.
  • We recommend a roof over your kitchen. Not for the kitchen itself, but for a better user experience and optional built-in kitchen appliances.
  • We advise against installing the kitchen under trees, particularly fruit trees. Although their shadow is much appreciated in the summer, the falling leaves, fruits and bird excrement will be annoying.

Please, see some pictures of different kitchen installations in our gallery for better understanding.

Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 5